Thursday, November 27, 2014

Zenphone...A Super phone Indeed!!

If the Zenfone Was Your Best Friend, Tell Us Where All Would It Be Handy?

In the fast moving World of Mobile Phones....Zenfone has taken the world by storm since its launch what with an amazing sleek body, mind blowing performance, simplistic design and enormous choices of colors. It offers never before smart phone experience by supporting multiple tasks due to presence of Intel processor which is also capable of handling complex gaming applications. 
You can find the details as under:
Moreover, the advanced configuration of PowerVR SGX 544 MP2 GPU offers incredible 3D resolution to the users with high definition movies devoid of stuttering and delivering unparalleled experience to the users.

Dual SIM technology in Zenfone doubles it up as a device serving personal as well as official purposes. To top it all, advanced antenna design enables the Smartphone to tap on the signals even while travelling in a metro or through the numerous subways. Now, that is called a robust technology right on the move.

Mobile World will be taken by storm by this Zenphone!!
Super features in a Super phone!! Its the next generation in Smart phone technology!!
Can you Believe it??
Zenfone offers a long standby time to the users by optimizing battery power while searching for the signal in inaccessible areas. Compared to other phones in the segment, it delivers a hassle free experience with a long battery life even with a powerful GPU. With zenfone, it is good bye to data transfer disruptions as the smart phone is equipped with 42MBPS DC-HSPA and dual carrier delivering HD videos seamlessly.

Where is it available??
Its available here:
So my opinion goes..Go out & Try it...I will be looking forward for this super phone!! Best in ts price range as per my opinion.

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