Sunday, April 1, 2018 a Perfect destination! a Perfect Destination! (Sponsored Post)

When usually you are looking for cars ..You usually visit a lot of Shops, ask friends & family and may be a few online sites. But hey you don't get the feel or the experience of the Car (We Indians do want to check every..I mean every minute details right from Looks to Mileage and Maintenance needed). Now we get this at one stop shop on

One Stop Shop -
Being so finicky about our shopping we need to know all the details of the product (Even the cars) hence it becomes vital for us to know what a brand offers before we select it. Here the site offers such filtering that life becomes easier for us.

Getting the right choice becomes easier
Such filtering helps us to understand and get the right product within my budget. I wanted to check electric car so i searched for it among new cars

I got whooping 6412 options with various specification mentioned next to it. Right from the cost, brand of car, to its colour, type of transmission, make of the car and mileage too. Isnt that awesome!!

I could compare my favourite car with other brands cars
I could compare 4 best cars which i wanted with the details i wanted to see. Making life easier for me! It also showed seller details so i could contact them directly.

I could then take a call and contact the seller directly either via email or phone call and check availability of the car. Neat isn't it.
Videos & Images of car i liked always help!

So its just 6 steps for a common man like me to access search, filter, compare, select and contact! Easy Peasy if you ask me. But knowing how my family is about mileage they can check the same here For Mileage on Cars 2018

I would be suggesting my family & friends to check for sure!