Monday, November 2, 2015

Peppertap - Grocery at Home!

Peppertap - Ease of Home based shopping

When you have a need to make something at home and you are stuck just because you don't have stuff to make. Basic ingredients which you need you get irritated & are too tired to go out or just pure lazy (Like I am) you call up your neighbourhood Baniya who takes 3-4 hrs to deliver a list of items. Same thing happened when i was in mood to cook a dish at home. I was like arrrgh i am too bored to even call. I remembered my friend Ashwini (Another Totally lazy Bum) tell me that why dont you try PepperTap - App on-demand grocery app that delivers in 2 hrs in my preferred time slot. I was like lets try. With my Wifi on downloading a 3.98 mb app (Such a light app) too mere 15 secs to download & another 5 to install.
After adding my city (Drop down shows currently available in Delhi NCR, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Visakhapatnam, Surat, Vadodara, Mysore, Nagpur, Jaipur, Agra, Jodhpur, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Indore, Meerut, Jammu, Rajkot, Ambala, Jalandhar, Kanpur, Lucknow, Kolkata, and Chennai.) and area i was good to go.

I was in mood for making Italian so i went into Noodles section & in Dairy, And veggies not to forget adding a few beverages. I was in hurry so added & since i was new user asked for my phone no and address.
Once through that i had to add my name email address, select the time slot i wanted and voila i was at payment option. It was through COD or Paytm (Which gave me Rs.100 back on Rs.500 purchase) I jumped on the chance since i saved 200 on my order of 1161 Rs. (Amazing!!). And once payment was made i got an sms & email for my order. Within next 2 hrs of ordering my products and no need to remind them like my local Baniya (Take a note time to shut shop!). This is convenience an total one!!

If you want to try it:




Monday, August 31, 2015

Wok Express India.. Perfect Wok food!

Wok Express India - A Dine & Take away restaurant

Food!! Yaay goes my mind when i hear about it. Lately, When it comes to food exciting times await you with a plethora of restaurants with super specialty & innovation at almost most of them. Wok food is making the taste buds salivate in metros for the urban population.

Image courtesy: Wok India Site
 As the quote goes "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" - Virginia Wolf.
Image courtesy: Google
So when i was told about Expresswok India first thought in mind was this must be something different having eaten at Wok restaurants before. So when Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) gave me an opportunity to try it i was super excited especially since it was opening of the outlet at Andheri.
I read up a little on Expresswok and found out it was take way and dine in resto. So this was totally interesting for me to have Wok food that too a take away. Something really exciting awaited me there for sure.
Wok Express is a chain of restaurants with Locations at Kemps Corner, Bandra and Now at Lokhandwala, Andheri. They pride themselves at being QSR (Quick service Restaurants) and as i w
ould found out in detail from a former college mate / room mate and the current operations manager for the chain (Pleasant Surprise & Happy point to find a friend Heading a Food joint..Always a good time Guaranteed).
Image courtesy: Zomato
The Restaurant is located at a prominent corner with adequate space for sitting & take away. Yes they do deliver hot wok food to your place (Provided you stay within 4 kms of the restaurant). The thing that made me like this place at first look was simplicity of the place even though it was the first day of the outlet it welcomed you with open arms and didnt have the Oriental flashy looks which can be expected at Wok restaurants. The Ambience also was quite calm almost zen like. The restaurant has 2 areas one area inside with take away counter & other a seating area outside. Since its a QSR the service is Self service here.
After a few mins. of taking in the ambience of the place i was asked for the food (Exciting Part!!). Since i am an omnivore i ordered for both veg & non veg items as well as a drink. Incidentally i saw my friend managing the work (A surprise) we did catch up with ourselfs till the food came and i came to know that the restaurant prides themselves in their delivery. The food stays warm for a really longtime (Thanks to packing so by the time you reach home and open it, it would still be very hot). The restaurant in keen to capture the segment of QSR in Wok food with 3 outlets and many more planned in future (Good times for all mumbaikars).
Yummy food!!
So here you can sit and eat or take away the meal to your home and enjoy the flavours. The wok food is special as their Executive chef has specially designed the sauces keeping Authenticity of the original dishes isn't that amazing. The price too is very competitive and you can have a filling meal at a cost affordable to your wallet.
Hot Food it what they pride in!
Sticky Rice: Chicken..Oh so yummy!

Veg Sticky rice: I love it!
While i was catching up the assorted sushi came in!! Sushi was totally awesome flavourwise and almost transported me to japan. Although the packing in which sushi is kept can be more customer friendly (in terms of ease of opening/closing the box). The Guava drink arrived which too was refreshing one.  The Sticky rice which was served in authentic steaming boxes wrapped with leaves got me even more excited. Since i had ordered for both veg & non veg i was served a chicken sticky rice and and veg sticky rice. The Rice used was a special rice used. The sticky rice served to me can make anyone go awry (Especially the chicken one..Fabulous one!!) being wrapped and cooked in the leaf made it even more tastier. Veg Sticky rice was also yummylicious. The warm food like this on a slightly rainy day can make anyone happy it definitely made me happy.
Sushi Time with lovely drink!
Although i did try a fraction of their menu. (Trust me the portion size is good..was full by the time i had the rice & sushi. After all they do pride themselves in portion size too). If you ask me do i recommend it for you to try the QSR yes definitely its something which you can go repeatedly for!! Why as you get value for money and satisfaction of eating quality wok food in Mumbai (that too quick & home delivered if you stay close by or just sitting there).

Image courtesy:
If its Wok Food in a jiffy it is Wok Express India for you!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Best Man Can Get..Truly!!

A Product Release like no other!!

Technology has reached a level where you wonder what will be next. I was in for a surprise too when I got a invitee for the Bloggers meet of Gillette. My Mind wandered off what could be the revolutionary product which Gillette (Known for their Men's grooming products) are launching!
An Invite like this definitely made me even more excited for the event. Being first one in the country to witness a revolution in Shaving! Amazing was i was expecting!
Does your morning make you do such faces?
Gillette's new  Flexiball Technology was something which will be something even more exciting for guys who want to have a best shaving experience every time. The Event being on a weekday made me even more excited. I was driven in style at the event and since i was a little late the festivities had already begun there. We were serenaded to the seating area with lovely food & drinks.
The Host begun the proceedings with why we were there and much to my surprise a Gillette Goodies bag for all the 15 invited bloggers. Now this was getting better, Here came in Amy Couture, the senior product researcher - basically person who made the new product (After 5 yrs of research into it as i learnt later). She explained to us philosophy, history and the product work that goes behind in making the Gillette razors (A work of science fiction - Good Stuff). Never knew so many clinical tests went in making a simple shaving apparatus. No wonder we men get the best they can get.

Few Benefits highlighted were:
      The FlexBall Handle Technology -- with 4-way flex for maximum contact over contours; and a bigger, more ergonomic grip for better control
      Re-Engineered Low-Cutting Force Blades -- with thinner, finer edges and an advanced, low-resistant coating for effortless cutting through hair, with less tug and pull
      Blade Stabilizer -- allows blades to adjust to the contours of a man’s face
      Streamlined Comfort Guard – to maintain optimal blade contact and stretches skin for a closer, more comfortable shave
      Enhanced Lubrastrip – which enables smooth movement over skin, even on repeat strokes
      Improved Precision Trimmer – Enhanced blade, comb guard to align long hair and improved rinse-through slots.
And wait this wasn't the only thing the older fusion cartridges could be used for this so that your older cartridges could be used in tandem. (So no more throwing away old variety of cartridges).
And the average life of an cartridge as Amy told me was 1 month+ which meant more usage less changing of cartridges and more savings per shave.
The Amazing finish the Gillette gave is what the product promised for and what an way to test it but to ask the bloggers to shave themselves to actually feel the experience. I was the one who by little coaxing and volunteering decided to use the Product for First time in India (Shave in Public yes you heard it right). Although i took my time to lather up and shave but it was Makkhan to be honest. As Gillette said no more shave faces is what i experienced.

The Fusion Proglide just guides on your face and doesn't leave a hair standing the flexiball technology is one to change shaving for sure for men even women who want a shave. I have used this product at the event and have started using it at home (Part of Goodie bag). Trust me this product will change your mornings when you are always in hurry and need a good shave without making those Shave faces (And if you are sleepy person like me).
Yes i did try to imitate how this guy did! And it worked..
This product and its technology was wonderfully explained during the entire event by Amy & colleagues and i loved to be a part of lucky few to experience a revolution for men. 

The product will be launching soon in India so i recommend that try it to believe it as this is a best a man can get (Experienced by self). 

You can get more details of its launch on:

For more details on product check: Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tizen Developer Summit 2015

Tizen Developer Summit - 2015 - India
What is This Tizen??
Tizen is an open source, standards-based software platform supported by leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, and silicon suppliers for a wide range ofdevices such as smartphones, wearables, Smart TVs, in-vehicle infotainment devices, and small embedded systems. Tizen offers an innovative approach to embedded operating systems, applications, and provides a user experience that consumers can take from device to device.
Tizen powers a number of products that are available today, including the Samsung Z1, the Gear family of smart watches, mid- to high-end cameras, and every new Samsung Smart TV shipped from 2015 onward - with a more to come.
Whats a Tizen Summit?
The Tizen Developer Summit is a regional, technical conference for Tizen developers, App developers, ISVs, Platform designers, Operators, OEMs, Hardware vendors, Software vendors, Open source enthusiasts, and anyone engaged in Tizen. This is the first time we are bringing a major Tizen event to India! Join them at this year's developer event as Tizen is expanding beyond Mobile and IVI into a plethora of new devices in this new era of the Internet of Things.
Where is it located?
The event will be located at The Ritz-Carlton hotel, Bengaluru.
When is it?
July 30-31
Target Audience?
To anyone who wants to learn about Tizen.
To Register check out:

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Girgaon Katta - A Foodie Paradise

                                                      Girgaon Katta 
                                                               - Maansokta Khavyagiri (Foodieness till Heart Contents)

Food is what attracts you to a place with the name & memories it associates for you which make you go there. For me the Name itself is nostalgic - Girgaon Katta (Katta meaning a common seating-meeting place - a very common place for friends to meet & eat + Girgaon being very heart of Mumbai). Girgaon Katta a place for reminding us of the eateries & seating which were in Mumbai. The line Maansokta Khavyagiri (Marathi - Means Till Heart Contents Foodieness) itself is so apt!!
Image Courtesy: Nikhil
General Tip: If a Eatery is crowded its good but if there is heavy line outside it even better. In this case i waited for 10-12 mins people were pouring in behind me. I was allotted a table (By a able & courteous staff even after being so crowded). 

Literally Means: Satiating Hunger
The ambience is very friendly, warm, and like a place where you used to sit during college days (Nostalgic aint it!). It has No Frills, Simple yet elegant Wooden furniture to give that warmth & normal ceiling fans to cool you down. You wont find a AC section here which i am sure is not needed. The place is roughly divided in 2 places One inside the premises & other under the awnings in front of their own sweet shop. Yes you heard it right this eatery has its own sweet shop filled with goodies (Sweets & Savour items) which you could gobble up. This is a complete Marathi Food paradise if you ask me in Northern Mumbai (A Rarity).
Image Courtesy: Google
I visited in the evening prime time of 7.30 p.m. After waiting for 10-15 mins finally i got a place to sit. (Excellent Service by staff to allocate seats even in crazy rush). The wait had made me even more hungrier & the food served on next tables made me salivate even more :p. Once seated in the outer section of the katta A simple yet foodlicious menu was presented to me. Yes they do have jain dishes to cater to the vast Jain & gujrathi population of the region (Who flock here in plenty - good food attracts not just Marathi folks but also jain & gujju population - Always a sign of quality & taste)
The place is Pure Veg still the menu is full of varied & lovely dishes (Try them all i recommend!!). It has Snack dishes, Fasting dishes & Normal dishes, Lunch Thaali (Although Limited portion size but lovely taste).
 The Breakfast Items which this place is known for is so good that i almost ordered majorly from it. So much goodness on a single place can get you mesmerized.
The Sweets section on the menu is something which you dont want to miss even of you dont have a sweet tooth. Many dishes you find in typical marathi homes & speciality eateries like this.
I started the foodtastic journey (Read: A blissful 45 mins Journey into something i love!!) by ordering a plate of Onion Bhajias, Vadas (Of Vada Pav), A plate of Misal, and a plate of single Thalipeeth. Just to start..Well these are one of the very well known dishes apart from Fasting Dishes like Sabudana Wada & Sabudana Khichdi (Which i decided to skip)
Misal Pav - A Tasty Spicy Dish
Misal Pav: It was fabulous spicy dish with lentils, poha in it perfect to start the foodie treat & with pav assal marathi dish.
Kanda Bhajji
Quit Essential Kanda Bhajji - Perfect for the day as it drizzled then. Crunchy Taste of Bhajji with Tamarind Chatni. Perfect batter fried onions just makes you want more.
A Plate of Hot piping Vadas
A Plate of Vadas. Light coating of chickpea batter (Perfectly cooked and completely home like). Inside filling of potato reminded me of the vadas eaten in dadar and at home. Its served with garlic red chutney and a mix chutney of tamarind & coriander. Mind you they were piping hot.
A Traditional Marathi flatbread with loads of nutrition (Read my previous Blog post for details on Thalipeeth). Served with Dollops of Butter (Churned one not Amul) & a mix chutney. Perfect to go with the spicy food served earlier.
With all this lovely food i decided to order something to drink. My favourite drinks of this place - 2 actually - Piyush & Kokam Sarbat (Kokam Sherbet).
Piyush - A Sweet drink
Piyush - A really sweet drink well known & found in dadar. It resembles a lassi but a lot thicker & sweeter. It contains Shrikhand (A yoghurt based dessert) + buttermilk (With buttermilk less in quantity). Perfect to compliment the spice of the food.

Kokam Sarbat
Kokam a tropical fruit found in Western India used as souring agent & known for its digestive qualities. The juice of the Kokam fruit is concentrated & used for making the drink. Water is added to the concentrate to make the drink best suited for this Heat. I enjoyed it with gusto/
After having all these i wanted something filling - something traditional so i ordered a Dish called as Zunka Bhakari (Zunka a chickpea based dish & Bhakari a bread made of Jowar).
Zunka Bhakari
The dish is Common Man/Farmers food served with tangy pickle & Onions. Zunka itself is spicy dish made of besan served with Jowar Bhakari. The combination of both is just perfect. If you want to try authentic Zunka Bhakari then this is it. The dish made me remember home food cooked by my granny. I ordered Taak - Buttermilk to go with it which was again good.
Taak - Buttermilk
After having such a lovely spread & waiting for 5-10 mins to enjoy it i ordered a dessert. The dessert was Doodhi Halwi.
Doodhi Halwa
This Bottle Gourd aka Doodhi Halwa had just the right amount of sweetness to cover the evening for me. I was definitely full but satiated to the max. The service was also quick & efficient & they served it all with smile which mattered. The meal & entire experience at the place was highly awesome especially for a foodie who would want to try a Marathi Meal. I am definitely going to go again for sure. And whats good is that they even have a free home delivery.
Take Away Menu
Eatery Name: Girgaon Katta
Location: Sobhana Apartment, Om Shanti Chowk, Chandavarkar Road, Borivali West, Mumbai -                       400092.
Proximity: 8 mins walk from Borivali Railway Station & 15 mins from Link Road.
Awards: has reviewed this place and awarded 4.29 out of 5.
Contact No: +91-8652881199, +91-22-65152273.

My Rating:
Food: 10 out of 10.
Ambience: 8 out of 10.
Service: 9 out of 10.
Cost: 9 out of 10.
Value for Money: 10 out of 10.
My Suggestion: Visit again & try for yourself.

Friday, April 3, 2015

#MissionA7000: a Thriller !!

#MissionA7000: Thriller !!

Excitement always keeps on building when you are invited to Watch a movie for a super premier. This is exactly what i felt when i got a call for Premier of #MissionA7000 in Mumbai..And boy was hooked on to it. Thank you team for this movie Premier!!
The Story is gripping yet very interesting. From Beautiful places from Istanbul to sudden Twists in the plot. Now Now Now Agar trailer itna interesting hai to i am sure movie will be epic!!
But you guys who haven't seen it yet.. don't fret about not being able to see it. Its aThere is a Public screening of the move soon for details keep an eye out on for more & chance to win premier passes!! Till then stay tuned & have fun!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Movie time: Disney's Cinderella!!

 Disney's Cinderella

Rare are the times when movie trespass the boundaries of reality but still stays rooted in reality. Few movies inspire and make us aspire to love out our dreams and that Disney always manages to do it with finesse. Disney has always inspired us all right from childhood & will keep doing so in the future too!

pic courtesy:
When BlogAdda (through @BAvity) gave me an opportunity to witness the Magic of a Disney movie in association with Disney India i was enthralled and literally jump out to see the movie. 
Courtesy: Blog Adda
With an Invitee like this. I rode my Grey Stallion (Mumbai Metro) to Attend the Royal Ball At Disney India Studios. Perfect way to end the hard working day with a super movie. It just exemplified Walt E Disney's Quote as below:
I felt as if, I was welcomed into another world, The World of Disney India Office, is magical like all Disney places..And here i was entering it (Without the elaborate dressing up!!)
Gif courtsey:
A world where movies create magical experiences. Disney knows how to make the best out of a story. Magic of watching the story Cinderella by Disney (Even though the story is Heard/Seen by Us) is unique as every movie is so beautifully presented.  The movie has it all in it love sadness suffering happiness to say the least.
We are shown a short trailer of Frozen Fever before the actual movie started!! The music just kept us spellbound & cheerful.
Once the trailer gets over, the Magic really begins with Ella being born into a rich family living in a perfect countryside. The Story of the movie isn't changed much from the original one but the touch of Disney Magic has altered it into a lovable story.
The Movie has a lovely star cast including my favorite Helena Bonham Carter as Fairy Godmother, Lily James & Richard Madden as Ella aka Cinderella & Prince Charming, Veteran Actors like Derek Jacobi as the ailing King, Stellan Skarsgard as The Grand Duke, Cate Blanchett as Evil stepmom Ms Tremaine, Hayley Atwell & Ben Chaplin as Ella's parents.
The Veteran actors like Helena have added the spark as Fairy Godmother, while Cate Blanchett plays a stylish evil step mom perfectly. Derek Jacobi & Stellan Skarsgard have perfectly handled their roles. The movie has humor too which balances out everything.
And the bonding between various characters is perfectly portrayed with reality in mind. With such a super star cast, the acting too is classy with a perfect blend of experience & vigour.
The story too is well paced & doesnt seem to hurry (Although one would like a Disney movie to go on & on). Take a look at trailer below:

This Movie brings in Human touch to  with right blend of emotions & happiness. The movie is just 112 mins (Nearly 2 hrs of fun & magical journey). I would suggest you don't miss the Royal Ball scene from the movie!! Apart from this wont disclose more. Just go & watch the movie. Its worth your time.
Yes, how can i forget the lovely snacks served to us at Disney India during the Intermission of nearly 20-25 mins (Perfect movie + Perfect food = Great Combo)

Many Dialogues used in the movie are worth a mention especially when one is facing a trying time!! This movie brought a smile to me & others who saw the movie. The positivity warmth happiness  spread is contagious & my oh my its releasing on World Happiness day, March 20!!
Gif Credit: Tumblr
And at Happy ending of the movie you just are left bedazzled by the magic of Disney. Would recommend highly to watch it!!
Pumpkin: A magical ride!! Photo: @imbevda
At the end we did find the Magical Ride of Ella waiting for us..But the question was where is my Fairy Godmother!! So untill i find her Keep Courage & Be Kind!!