Monday, January 4, 2016

Meal Across Eastern Asia..On a Yummy Plate!!

Culinary Journey across The Orient.. Not 1..Not 2..But 11 Super Countries

When it comes to Asian food its the noodles, rice and Sino-Ludhianvi dishes we relate to. But there's much more than what meets the eye and that there is a lot more variety and taste to match. Every region may it be Thai, Malay, Korean, Indonesian and Japanese with its unique yet distinct flavor pattern which can truly amaze us.  The Newest Menu at Noodle bar offers the exotic cuisine of the orient at its best with range of specialties from regions of China, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Japan and Korea.

I took on my hunger flight to the Orient at the Noodle Bar, Phoenix Kurla. To tell you right from the time till i was seated and beyond i was taken to the exotic orient by the ambiance. The Decor, the seating and minute details to the seating took us to the exotic places which i always wanted to go!

Menu takes us on a ride across 11 Countries ain't it awesome! 

Salads was what we had: Thailand being our first country with Thai Sprouts & Grilled Chicken: Totally Crispy Sprouts with super yummy dressing served with Warm chicken just which Doctor ordered!!

Second Salad took us to Japan where we had Leafy Vegetables with Wasabi Dressing which was totally refreshing for the starting course. Dressing just made the veggies perfect.
Yummy Salad
We were served the lovely Prawn Dumplings with Laksa Sauce which took me to Singapore. You could just taste the flavour of prawns And a combo with Laksa Sauce made it a killer!
Vegeterian Momos were just splendid - Pok choi Wrapped vegetables we wondered we reached China by every bite.
The Drinks too came in and were awesome. We got three refreshing drinks. It made me go bonkers tasting them. Absolutely perfect to go with the food served.
Kiwi Fizz - Absolute Pleasure to the food served

Guava Mary - Perfect non alcoholic drink
Jamine Tea - Something Exquisite and refreshing
We were served plenty of Starters and to tell you the portion size is ginormous. A foodie in me was totally on my edge having them. Absolute journey was taking me to parts of the orient.
Five spiced Water Chestnut in 5 Spice was revelation it was totally a tasty dish with five spices coming through the veggies.
Five Spice Water Chestnut
 The Crispy Thread Paneer with wanton skin and fried was a tasty treat for me in veggie section. Paneer taste came though wonderfully through the wanton cover was exquisite and sweet chilli sauce was just perfect.
Crispy Thread Paneer
Noodle bar had a surprise for me here! Skewered Chicken Served on Charcoal mandarin style the taste of sweet spicy marinade was just perfect. This took me to Beijing's streets literally. Charcoal skewering just made it perfect with flavour getting enhanced.
Pepper Squid with crushed garlic and ginger was perfect and was my first Burmese food experience and boy did i loved it.
Burmese Pepper Squid

And the food kept on coming and i was still surprised by every dish that came out! Time for some yummy main course.


Spinach Dumpling Served with Oyster sauce was an treat just perfect to start the main course. We were served Vietnamese Basa which was an aromatic and flavourful dish which had fish flavour balanced perfectly by spices & sauces. Vietnam here i come with this Dish.
Vietnamese Basa
Curry Malaysian Rice which was served to us as main course had wok fried malaysian rice with curry flavour. Everything from Fragrance to the taste of the rice was just perfect malaysian. Perfect meal which we Indians would relate and totally love.

We were served Hokomein Noodles (Singapore) which were noodle tossed in Singapore sauce and burnt onion which just completed a perfect meal. i was at my foodgasming best while having the main course. The Noodle bar made my evening even better when the service staff said Wait Sir we have desserts too.

I almost jumped when i was served the Lime & Lemon Panna cotta the Lime and mint sauce went so well that we were left wanting for more. The Flavour of sauce was totally amazing.
Mandarin Chocolate icecream was so Chocolicious i could just lick the glass up! perfect ending to a perfect meal!

I was amazed and totally full by the time at Noodle Bar the ambience, the service the food And the Overall the meal was excellent. My Special thanks to the Chef who cooked wonderful meal for us.
The meal portion size is simply Ginormous and taste wise awesome. The New menu spanning 11 countries took me to orient and back through my stomach and back at my ease. And i am definitely going to the Noodle Bar soon to try so many dishes which i couldn't taste.

P.S: Do find the Beverage Menu Below:

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