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1 Ab0ve - Valhalla for the city

1 Ab0ve - Valhalla Truly!
If there is Valhalla in Mumbai then this is it!
Now! Usually when it comes to having a good time including food & drinks with near and dear ones the places to select always becomes a tad bit difficult (To be honest if you are Maharashtrian whose family & friends follow so Many (Read: Atleast 2-3 days a week) days of fasts & no non veg days. Finding right places is the key to a good time). 
Stars in the sky! A welcoming treat to eyes
And I really managed to find this piece of Heaven (Veg food!) + Drinks (Yaay!). Yes you read it right vegetarian food (Yummy one!) with drinks (My Marathi Family & friends will be overjoyed!).
Vahalla - Heaven I am coming to you 
As a part of #FBAISoiree this was an excellent opportunity to get to heaven while experiencing all the joys of it staying right here on earth! The Place is located at dead center of the city in Kamala Mills (Former Glory Place of Girangaon of Mumbai where sweat & hard labour made cloths in yester years and now the Corporate location for Growing India + Party location at night for those who work harder and party harder). The place is a rooftop place with a open air view (High rises + Sky, a rarity in Modern Mumbai). A beautiful walk takes you to this pristine setting of Bar  surrounded by comfortable sitting area.
My Place for the evening :p
The music is perfect considering an open air place. The props used too seem to take you to a level of transcendence. #LetsDrinkFBAI
Perfect setting!
The first drink was the cosmopolitan..Yes the drink was the classic one but refreshing for a parched soul like me..Relief after a hectic day. (Right amount of Alcohol too)
Cosmopolitan with friend Afreen in background
Now that the drink was to had time for some pet puja (veggie style!) and here came a lovely platter of assorted stuff. Which ended fairly quickly for friends to take pictures.
Platter of Veggie Goodness!
Since the bar looked so happening, after grabbing a bite i decided to ask the bartender for the special stuff and he made something refreshing..
It was a kiwi white rum based drink with hint of lime. Absolutely Mind numbing refreshing and increasing the appetite too!
Then came the Sushi rolls with soy sauce and veggies and that Wasabi to get our digestive juices flowing. Something told me that i would be wanting more of this as the evening progressed.
The next drink was Coffee cream drink with an touch of vodka (Perfect for a vodka lover like me). Combination of Vodka and coffee just making it perfect with cream which add yumm quotient to it.The drink was followed with a bruschettas with tomatoes & mushrooms. This was getting better as the evening progressed. Veg food could be so enticing with drinks couldn't be believed.
While the star of the show (Which all my fellow blogger friends were so gung ho about came) Me and my friend wondered that its a non veg dish (Kudos to Chef for creating a veg dish that had texture, appearance & taste so close to non veg - Differentiating was difficult).
Kheema Pao - But Veg and yummier!
The Kheema pav just hit the Orgasmic level (As they say for food #FoodPorn) the drinks and this kheema pav were perfect combo. Taste was so deceptive that differentiating was difficult between real kheema pav and this dish. The Place has Sheesha too (Now that's Sinful..Such a perfect food, drink and sheesha!).

The evening thus was made fantastic with the wide range of drinks and dishes for us. A place where i personally would visit soon for a relaxing time. 

Usually i wouldn't recommend places to go for veg & drinks (Due to rarity of them) but this place is something i would ask you to go to with your friends and family who for various reasons prefer veg food and drinks. The place has a relaxing feel to it with super food & drinks to support its Perfect claim to be #1Ab0ve. The place to feel heavenly has now opened its doors for you!

1 Ab0ve
Address: 1402, Opp Beer Cafe Kamala Mills Compound, Ganapatrao Kadam Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013
Contact No: 0770006111

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