Monday, April 24, 2017

Maa - #MyFilmyMom - A fun contest @ BigSmall

The Word Maa brings out many expressions in everyone..Love / Compassion / World / Support / God...
Mother's in various languages (Image Courtsey:
The Word Mother is a modern English word is from Middle English moder, from Old English mōdor, from Proto-Germanic *mōdēr (cf. East Frisian muur, Dutch moeder, German Mutter), from Proto-Indo-European *méh₂tēr (cf. Irish máthair, Tocharian A mācar, B mācer, Lithuanian mótė). Other cognates include Latin māter, Greek μήτηρ, Common Slavic *mati (thence Russian мать (mat’)), Persian مادر (madar), and Sanskrit मातृ (mātṛ). (Courtsey: Wikipedia).

Maa your love is priceless..
A chance to express how your mother is here guys..And a chance to win a lot too!! #MothersDay never got better with having a fun contest for all.
Contest Rules are very simple: Which movie mother does your mother resemble?
Do tell your readers about it..Is she carrier oriented or homely or Dhaankor Baa from Ram Leela? Or is she a house wife who cooks delicious food like Shashi from English Vinglish. Is she a classy, sarcastic mom like Maya Sarabhai?

One has to write the story of their special relationship with their mom on their blog. Use hashtags #MyFilmyMom #Bigsmall on social media while sharing your blog and confirm your chances to win cash prizes.

How to participate:
Write the story on your blog.
Link back to or any page of

Share the post URL with them at and your social media channels with hashtags #MyFilmyMom #Bigsmall

First prize winner will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 5000/-
Second prize winner will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 2500/-
Next three winners will receive a cash prize worth Rs. 1000/- each

Contest will end on 10th May 2017

The post should necessarily link to or any page of

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