Thursday, March 3, 2016

Pan Asian @ ITC Maratha - A Splendid Experience

Pan Asian - Truly Asian
When good food beckons it takes you for a whirlwind journey across distant lands..In search of the Elusive meal fit for foodie royals. I was taken for the same with a jolly good bunch of foodies from distant backgrounds by ITC Maratha, Sahar to its Restaurant - Pan Asian (A Restaurant with a very calming presence yet very inviting).

The Orient Wine Display at the entrance of the restaurant was perfect and gave me a hint of whats to be expected.

The Meal as i believe shouldn't be just had for the taste of it but the reason behind it should be known and the Family as i like to call the operations staff was keen to tell us and answer all our Queries (Trust me there were a lot!!). The experience of the orient was our motto for the evening with cuisines from 5 countries on our menu. 

Chef Liang was the brainchild behind this wonderful menu and the passion with which he spoke about the meal was making me salivate even more.

Let the Yin-Yan be balanced was my thought..Err Let the Meal Begin...
The Starter Drink - A house welcome drink - The Spritzer (A unique combo of Sparkling wine with melon liquer and a Piece of melon..Perfect to start the evening). It made me salivate even more. After toasting a lot & Regular Photo session we were ready.
Within Minutes Chef Liang sent our first dish - Right from japan...A Sushi Plate - Non-Vegeterian as i preferred. The Wasabi and soy Dressing were perfect with salmon and chicken. Different types of sushi served made the platter even more awesome.
The Chilli prawn dumpling which came next was absolutely soul touching with crystal vegetable dumpling being perfect dumpling which i loved. Flavour of ingredients was subtle and not overpowering.
The next goodie - The Express Wok was a revelation for me. Kudos Chef and Team for this. Couldnt believe what i was eating from Left to right the dish went on from Succulent Pork Spare Rib to Awesome Crispy Milk (Wish i could have more of it,,Alas good things are Limited) and crunchy papaya Salad. Barbeque pork rib was perfectly cooked and succulent for that carnivore in me followed by the Crispy milk (A Liquid filled fried milk) such an awesome stuff. It just melted in my mouth. The papaya salad was just perfectly going with the other two portions.
 A soup which Thai Royalty His Highness couldn't have refused. The freshness & individual taste of sea food could be demarcated with a hint of tang & spice (boy we Indians and Thai's are alike) ..perfect soup representing thailand.
Not a big fan of Sea Bass due to its neutral taste i was in for a surprise when i was served steamed sea bass with ginger spring onion & sauce. Since bass is a perfect fish to have a palate on which a artist works where Chef Liang did magic with sauce.( And i liked bass for first time to be honest).
Main course was next to follow with Lobster (Yummlicious) with Thai Red curry, Stir Fried Chicken with homemade preserved chilli boy the chicken tasted really good with chilli. Stir Fried chinese green with Minced garlic which was a good change & vegetable Sushi rice with garlic making it a perfect combo of the Pan Asian Experience that Chef Liang & Team wanted us to have. Every ingredient was unique and gave me a experience that left me wanting more. But alas i was full.

But as always not always full. Never for a dessert!!
The meal couldn't have been complete without a dessert and what a combo chef had decided..Completely Traditional Chinese Fresh Fruits, Baileys & hazel nut Terrine (A yummy terrine, Red bean Pudding and Sago and coconut milk (Thai Influence reminding me of Falooda). The Fruits were fresh and refreshing after heavy meal with terrine texture and taste acting as palate refresher and sago and coconut milk with vanilla icecream just to add to that sinfulness.

I would have just kept on eating if i could have but the meal served by Chef Liang And Family at Pan Asian @ ITC was just perfect for a Monday Evening and looks like its calling me once again to try the menu as the food and love just keeps making you come back for more!!
Contended Foodies with Chef Liang And Family at ITC Pan Asian. Image Courtesy: Doc Alok (Seen in Image)
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