Sunday, November 30, 2014

Movie Night: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part : 1

"Fire Burns Brighter In The Darkness.
A classic is born not through the extensive CGI effects but the acting & the script beautifully enacted by the cast..It becomes even more vital when the movie is an adaptation of Gross Selling Novel of the same name...Only a few Book series have been successfully converted into franchises which have hooked the Audiences...The Hunger Games Franchise is same!!
I was lucky enough to be invited by   after winning their Pix Premier Nights Contest hosted on their Facebook page And what a pleasant surprise i had company of few close friends who had won with me!!
And even more of a surprise was i was watching it before rest of India..Special Premier of the Movie!!
 I was Amazed by the Red Carpet..The Ambience & Fun of it all....We were having Gala Time..!!
Having read the book series & seeing The Hunger Games: Catching fire courtesy Sony Pix i was super charged up..This movie with its stellar cast was really keeping me excited all day!!
Stellar Cast:

  • Jennifer Lawrence  -  Katniss Everdeen
  • Josh Hutcherson - Peeta Mellark 
  • Liam Hemsworth - Gale Hawthorne 
  • Woody Harrelson - Haymitch Abernathy - Hilarious
  • Donald Sutherland - President Snow 
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman - Plutarch Heavensbee 
  • Julianne Moore - President Alma Coin  - My favourite
  • Sam Claflin - Finnick Odair  
  • Elizabeth Banks - Effie Trinket 

The Article below has few spoilers*. 
If we burn...You burn with us!!
I was in for a surprise when movie took off with last movie's finales scenes. Katniss who is seen as a Face of Revolution wakes up from her unconsciousness to find lot of changes have taken place since she electrocuted the force field. The Movie rolls into action with various characters & confused Katniss trying to get hang of things..She is in secret District 13  hideout where she is asked to be the "Mockingjay" - A symbol for the Revolution
Knowing Katniss as she is being emotional she is reluctant but a deal is struck for safe return of captured Hunger Games Participants. Katniss struggles to balance her emotions & memories with current scenarios & politics played by both sides. Although the last book like similar franchises is broken into 2 movies albiet for commercial purposes has resulted in a slow movie. Among the few action scenes Katniss only gets one..but she leaves her mark in it..Literally!! The Makers in the series have taken a jib at celebrity packaging & at Reality TV, & in this movie Propoganda media marketing. Heymitch in his own way rocks the stage with his role & Pultarch have played their parts well..Even Moore as President Coin is impressive..Jennifer Lawrence has played her part well & suited the character perfectly.  I did see a few bored out faces in the theatre..Probably the expectations were too high after last movie. Since the movie is part 1 of 2 movie finale the creators had to keep the script for the next part...Hoping that part is as impressive as the first 2 movies. For me i enjoyed the movie as i have enjoyed reading the Suzzane Collins Best Seller Series. I look forward to the second part of the series...The movie is for True Book Fan & over Black Friday weekend this movie will garner good business in Western Markets.

Mockingjay is a symbol of Hope Belief & Revolution...Lets Hope for the best from the Part 2!!  

Thanks to Team   for the Super time & Super movie experience like no other!!


  1. Wow! So much fun! :)
    Congrats for winning their FB Contest & earning this great chance, Nikhil.
    So far I have had the good fortune of watching only 1 Premiere show with the stars.
    Would love to be a part :)
    Haven't read the book series. Looks interesting.
    Keep winning more!

  2. Aare wah! Ur experience would have been great! ;) Congraats!