Thursday, November 27, 2014

Voyager pour l'éternité...

The term "travel" may originate from the Old French word travail..Travel is just a way of life...It sets you free as Google would put it as:
Journey is just like Life never ending...It doesn't matter how much the Distance but the experience earned during the travel that matters..
Travel for me is the Journey through all its phases. Traveling to a particular place for me includes the entire journey...

The Journey doesn't mean the Destination..Its the experience that counts..
Travelling makes not only makes me see places but know people..customs & traditions..!!
I love seeing new places...Seeing new locations people & Customs...If i had to go somewhere i would do the following: 
I love experiencing new food, new drinks & experience stuff i haven't done. Life does teach you a lot!!
Travel opens up whole new dimension for us all...For me personally i get my time at a place where i can get lost in my own world.. A utopian world of my own. Travel gives me that high!!
Travel changes the way you look at life as a whole. It makes you more in tune with life. I try to break daily monotonic nature of work with going on small trips to places i have yet to be seen. The above Video really inspires me..
World is just empty if you havent travelled. I have my bucket list which i am planning to tick every time as at the end of the life i dont want to say..
Exploring places.. yet unknown untrodden is my key..I will travel soon...And let my foot on places untrodden. And find out my piece of heaven soon!!
Travel therefore continues for eternity...

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