Monday, January 19, 2015

#LondonInIndia: Marathi Cuisine: Part 1

Foodie Tour..
This started off frankly as a normal tweeting experience...Early morning tweet while travelling in rush traffic to work...And sleepy as usual..saw a tweet..
About #LondonInIndia & Leyla (Principle Character of this experience)  And me as a food lover woke up with a start and Jumped on this opportunity to show Leyla the foodie side of Aamchi Mumbai. And there was the journey starting. It was very courteous of @Foodbloggerai to include me in this Foodie Endeavour without much of experience in it.
So here is me a total newbie at Food touring (But a lover and liker of all things food..And constant searcher for good places to eat) talking with pros at this. Jahan & Jagruti the other two foodies who were the co-conspirators with me. We decided once Leyla lands in Mumbai we take her to places in evening time through whatsapp.
Foodies on a Tour @ Prakash Dadar image: imbevda
Day 1: I never realized that i would be first person to take Leyla & Matt on a food tour..That too on first day itself. Jetlagged but still in upmost high spirits these guys were ready for first city of their world tour. For more scoops on her world tour refer Leyla's blog:
So we start the tour with me getting Leyla at her hotel at Palladium Mall, Lower Parel. Awesome music & decoration owing to Christmas coming soon.
Palladium Decorations - Its Christmas time!! Image: imbevda
We meet in Hotel Lobby & this guys are totally ready to roll out in Aamchi Mumbai. Towards the way to Dadar me a chatterbox kept on talking and Leyla & Matt bear me ;) I tell them about humble beginnings of the area & how the food is inspired by it.

We reach Shivaji Park, Dadar (And its Monday..I forgot many shops will be closed) heart of Mumbai's Marathi community. 
The legendary Prakash Dadar pic: imbevda
Prakash it is first. This is an institution for Marathi food since ages and even published in New york times for its food. So we enter this Humble place but a very foodie paradise in itself. Indicator that good food doesnt need swanky place food talks for years.
Small & Simple menu hasnt changed for years. Quality of food matters image:imbevda
We enter this Marathmola place with service people shuttering in & smiling to tell us about food. Leyla Matt & Me take a seat and scan through their Menu a perfect Marathi items in it. 
We order the most famous dishes Misal (No pav here) & Sabudana Wada, ThaliPeeth..
Misal image courtsey: Leyla
Sabudana Vada image courtsey: Leyla
While we are waiting for the food at a table the anticipation grows in me what will happen now & how will the Food Writer Leyla will find the food. But when the food came here she was all super excited & taking pics of Misal & Sabudana Vada.
Image courtsey: Jahan Bloch
Misal - Made from Moth beans Sev Farsan Potato sabji (uniqueness of this place) & Onions. No Pav is served here.
Misal image: imbevda

Sabudana vada image imbevda
Sabudana Vada - Sago (Made from Pearl Tapioca) soaked & cooked with coriander & green chillies then potato is added & deep fried.
Thalipeeth came in late but hot & tasty it was. A savoury pancake made of multiple grains with coriander chillies & spices & served with Yoghurt having coriander in it.
Thalipeeth - A Pancake made up of goodness. Image Courtesy: Leyla
The servers also brought in Sabudana Puri a unique item with potato content more than Sago in it & Sweet Piyush (My favourite made from Yoghurt). 
Sabudana Puri image: imbevda
Piyush A sweet Drink Image courtesy: lisaantao blog
All the ordered food was devoured by us in few minutes. We then march towards the famous Dadar Market for other food experience..Unfortunately its Monday and we are late so most of them were shut. 
Kharvas made from Colostrums A dessert #Streefood image: imbevda
But we did Manage to get hands on another Marathi item called Kharvas (Made from first milk of cow after calf birth aka Colostrums a super rich milk with cardamom, nutmeg & sugar with normal cow milk added) with jelly like consistency from street vendor. Sadly the tour had to be halted as eateries were closed..Well something big was planned for next meet..
Ended the tour for the day with quintessential Tour through Mumbai Local from Dadar. For more on that read Leyla's Blog or Her twitter: @Leylalaa. 
We continue the food tour after a couple of weeks after Leyla & Matt come back to Mumbai.. For  Part 2 & more...Stay tuned..   

P.S.: Late posting of this post is to me being wanting to experience part 2 to write about it...


  1. Now I know whom to consult for a foodie trip on my next trip to Mumbai :)

    1. Always welcome Rishnita feel free to just walkin to experience it with me 😊

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Gautam I loved runs in family I guess 🙊

  3. Very nicely presented, Nikhil.
    Great pics too. Who can say that it's you maiden foodie blog-post!
    Really nice.
    I love all the dishes here in your post :)
    Leyla & Matt have great company & am sure will enjoy the other trips too in #IncredibleIndia

    1. I am honoured to get such an compliment from you Anita Di...yes Hoping Leyla & Matt have a great Indian Experience & they come back soon for another adventure #IncredibleIndia

  4. Fantastic start of your foodie journey. I liked the the way you let the pictures do the talking :)
    The Kharvas & Sabudana puri look very interesting, would love to try someday.
    Keep up the good work Nikhil :)

    1. Thank you Era for the kind words. You gotta try all the items mentioned above they are oh so yummy 😊

  5. Nice Foodie tour with amazing pics, liked the way you presented and explained all these :)