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Backyard Barbecue - Friday Foodie Getaway!

#BackYardBBQ @ Hyatt Regency, Mumbai - A Foodiesta Experience!

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When it comes to places very few connect us or have a calling for us. For me personally its this place. Why someone would ask me? & How? Well i have a connection which goes back 10 yrs+ to this Hotel. That time I wasn't the foodie i am now, was a apprentice learning my trade working on the other side of the things. Things have stayed as classy as it was back then the Hyatt way.
Pic Courtesy: Hyatt Regency
Being in centre of everything be it transit to city center almost the property Hyatt Regency has always innovated during and after the times i have been associated with it. Knowing how the work functions on the other side it was a surprise for me when i had received a call for a Friday Evening Experience. Knowing that getting to the property would be itself an issue knowing mumbai traffic i couldn't miss it as i was sure the entire experience would be truly worth it.
Backyard Barbecue - Every Friday!
Once at Hotel you may expect it to be at some restaurant with an open area area (Where barbeque may be present) you are in for a surprise this Barbeque is Pool side amidst the green lawn where you are guided by courteous staff (One of the best!) to the poolside.
                                         Selfie counter pe selfie banta hai!
When you enter the poolside area after a tiring week and tiring journey a cool breeze is what you need with a soothing music!! You feel transported to Caribbean or some exotic island just by stepping into a area..That too right in Mumbai's most busiest Business Hotel right next to Airport. Imagine that!
Pool + Barbeque + Ambience = Perfection!
The next thing my eye caught is the bar (A weclome relief for my parched throat!)
Pool Side Bar - Who would't want their Mojitos next to a pool!
The Pool has a full bar with a array of fantastic refreshing drinks which can just make even a zombie do a salsa. Perfect for a city bred like me after a taxing week!
Refreshing Kiwi Drink with White Rum - Makes one go Yaay!
 The Refreshing White Rum based drink which i asked for was refreshing with Kiwi Kick! Something a tired officer goer like me wanted. The Next counter next to the pool was a assorted breads, spreads (Yum) & salads! This was perfect to go with a drink and the Sizzling Barbeque which was enticing me towards it! 
Chef's In Action: My Meats and Veggies getting ready!
So here i was hungry and all set to eat the fab meats and veggies on offer! The Barbeque was on full go with Lamb, Chicken, Pork (Sausages) being grilled on one side and veggis on the other (Yes this barbeque had loads of veggie options right from usual potatoes to brinjal, corn, paneer and other assorted vegetables). Me being an omnivore wanted to try a mix of everything with my drink!
Meat and Veggies ready to be devoured!
I asked the Chef to give me a spice infused lamb steak, few sausages and chicken with assorted balsamic marinated vegetable skewers and little paneer. It was spot on selection (I later agreed!). With fellow foodies (Read: Super Carnivores and Herbivores #FBAILetsEat ) i took a comfortable seat next to the pool with my drink and started enjoying the evening!
Meats & sausages being Grilled to Perfection
Chicken Barbequed directly over hot coal!
The Coal cooking had made the meats smoked and tender and well done. Sausages were well cooked and yummy! Meats were succulent enough to be enjoyed. Whereas the veggies were cooked good! 
                  I took another drink this time more potent than before while i got into the entire ambiance of relaxing music, cool pool side breeze, super food with drinks and company of friends. What more is needed?

I almost felt taken to some exotic island till then. The food kept on coming making my Friday FriYaaY!

And the Backyard Barbeque had a one last surprise for us! The Dessert Counter..Now this was a guilty indulgence after such a hearty meal.
My View  along the poolside with Bar and at a distance the barbeque..After a few drinks my camera too got into the mood!
But before i could go on the guilty roads there was a game to be played Roulette - My fav (With Drinks)
Now whose ready to Spin it to Drink it!
My Luck as it goes with drinks turned out to be super..Got a strong shot of Drink (One that shakes you!). The Backyard Barbeque did add fun and enjoyment for a foodie like me!

Add to your Guilty Pleasures!
An Array of fresh Fruits (Kiwi, Pineapple, Watermelon), Brownie, Phirni and a decadent cake made it difficult for me to select! (And trust me i wasn't disappointed). I took a combo of fruits, and cake (Blissful)
Menu for the Evening!
The Backyard Barbecue experience which took me to a relaxing ride was coming to an end although i would have liked to continue (But sadly i had to come back to city's chaos). Such a barbecue is open for foodies and all alike every Friday till the year end. I would recommend this for the fact that its a complete package for relaxation, unwinding and lastly but not least the awesome food it offers!

With Entire Buffet priced at Rs.1499/- its a great bargain including Spirits/Beer (International)/Cocktails (All inclusive). And Rs.1299/- for Indian Wines/Beer (All Inclusive), For Non Drinkers Rs.499/- for Soft Drinks/mocktails (All Inclusive).

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