Monday, August 31, 2015

Wok Express India.. Perfect Wok food!

Wok Express India - A Dine & Take away restaurant

Food!! Yaay goes my mind when i hear about it. Lately, When it comes to food exciting times await you with a plethora of restaurants with super specialty & innovation at almost most of them. Wok food is making the taste buds salivate in metros for the urban population.

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 As the quote goes "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well" - Virginia Wolf.
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So when i was told about Expresswok India first thought in mind was this must be something different having eaten at Wok restaurants before. So when Food Bloggers Association of India (FBAI) gave me an opportunity to try it i was super excited especially since it was opening of the outlet at Andheri.
I read up a little on Expresswok and found out it was take way and dine in resto. So this was totally interesting for me to have Wok food that too a take away. Something really exciting awaited me there for sure.
Wok Express is a chain of restaurants with Locations at Kemps Corner, Bandra and Now at Lokhandwala, Andheri. They pride themselves at being QSR (Quick service Restaurants) and as i w
ould found out in detail from a former college mate / room mate and the current operations manager for the chain (Pleasant Surprise & Happy point to find a friend Heading a Food joint..Always a good time Guaranteed).
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The Restaurant is located at a prominent corner with adequate space for sitting & take away. Yes they do deliver hot wok food to your place (Provided you stay within 4 kms of the restaurant). The thing that made me like this place at first look was simplicity of the place even though it was the first day of the outlet it welcomed you with open arms and didnt have the Oriental flashy looks which can be expected at Wok restaurants. The Ambience also was quite calm almost zen like. The restaurant has 2 areas one area inside with take away counter & other a seating area outside. Since its a QSR the service is Self service here.
After a few mins. of taking in the ambience of the place i was asked for the food (Exciting Part!!). Since i am an omnivore i ordered for both veg & non veg items as well as a drink. Incidentally i saw my friend managing the work (A surprise) we did catch up with ourselfs till the food came and i came to know that the restaurant prides themselves in their delivery. The food stays warm for a really longtime (Thanks to packing so by the time you reach home and open it, it would still be very hot). The restaurant in keen to capture the segment of QSR in Wok food with 3 outlets and many more planned in future (Good times for all mumbaikars).
Yummy food!!
So here you can sit and eat or take away the meal to your home and enjoy the flavours. The wok food is special as their Executive chef has specially designed the sauces keeping Authenticity of the original dishes isn't that amazing. The price too is very competitive and you can have a filling meal at a cost affordable to your wallet.
Hot Food it what they pride in!
Sticky Rice: Chicken..Oh so yummy!

Veg Sticky rice: I love it!
While i was catching up the assorted sushi came in!! Sushi was totally awesome flavourwise and almost transported me to japan. Although the packing in which sushi is kept can be more customer friendly (in terms of ease of opening/closing the box). The Guava drink arrived which too was refreshing one.  The Sticky rice which was served in authentic steaming boxes wrapped with leaves got me even more excited. Since i had ordered for both veg & non veg i was served a chicken sticky rice and and veg sticky rice. The Rice used was a special rice used. The sticky rice served to me can make anyone go awry (Especially the chicken one..Fabulous one!!) being wrapped and cooked in the leaf made it even more tastier. Veg Sticky rice was also yummylicious. The warm food like this on a slightly rainy day can make anyone happy it definitely made me happy.
Sushi Time with lovely drink!
Although i did try a fraction of their menu. (Trust me the portion size is good..was full by the time i had the rice & sushi. After all they do pride themselves in portion size too). If you ask me do i recommend it for you to try the QSR yes definitely its something which you can go repeatedly for!! Why as you get value for money and satisfaction of eating quality wok food in Mumbai (that too quick & home delivered if you stay close by or just sitting there).

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If its Wok Food in a jiffy it is Wok Express India for you!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Best Man Can Get..Truly!!

A Product Release like no other!!

Technology has reached a level where you wonder what will be next. I was in for a surprise too when I got a invitee for the Bloggers meet of Gillette. My Mind wandered off what could be the revolutionary product which Gillette (Known for their Men's grooming products) are launching!
An Invite like this definitely made me even more excited for the event. Being first one in the country to witness a revolution in Shaving! Amazing was i was expecting!
Does your morning make you do such faces?
Gillette's new  Flexiball Technology was something which will be something even more exciting for guys who want to have a best shaving experience every time. The Event being on a weekday made me even more excited. I was driven in style at the event and since i was a little late the festivities had already begun there. We were serenaded to the seating area with lovely food & drinks.
The Host begun the proceedings with why we were there and much to my surprise a Gillette Goodies bag for all the 15 invited bloggers. Now this was getting better, Here came in Amy Couture, the senior product researcher - basically person who made the new product (After 5 yrs of research into it as i learnt later). She explained to us philosophy, history and the product work that goes behind in making the Gillette razors (A work of science fiction - Good Stuff). Never knew so many clinical tests went in making a simple shaving apparatus. No wonder we men get the best they can get.

Few Benefits highlighted were:
      The FlexBall Handle Technology -- with 4-way flex for maximum contact over contours; and a bigger, more ergonomic grip for better control
      Re-Engineered Low-Cutting Force Blades -- with thinner, finer edges and an advanced, low-resistant coating for effortless cutting through hair, with less tug and pull
      Blade Stabilizer -- allows blades to adjust to the contours of a man’s face
      Streamlined Comfort Guard – to maintain optimal blade contact and stretches skin for a closer, more comfortable shave
      Enhanced Lubrastrip – which enables smooth movement over skin, even on repeat strokes
      Improved Precision Trimmer – Enhanced blade, comb guard to align long hair and improved rinse-through slots.
And wait this wasn't the only thing the older fusion cartridges could be used for this so that your older cartridges could be used in tandem. (So no more throwing away old variety of cartridges).
And the average life of an cartridge as Amy told me was 1 month+ which meant more usage less changing of cartridges and more savings per shave.
The Amazing finish the Gillette gave is what the product promised for and what an way to test it but to ask the bloggers to shave themselves to actually feel the experience. I was the one who by little coaxing and volunteering decided to use the Product for First time in India (Shave in Public yes you heard it right). Although i took my time to lather up and shave but it was Makkhan to be honest. As Gillette said no more shave faces is what i experienced.

The Fusion Proglide just guides on your face and doesn't leave a hair standing the flexiball technology is one to change shaving for sure for men even women who want a shave. I have used this product at the event and have started using it at home (Part of Goodie bag). Trust me this product will change your mornings when you are always in hurry and need a good shave without making those Shave faces (And if you are sleepy person like me).
Yes i did try to imitate how this guy did! And it worked..
This product and its technology was wonderfully explained during the entire event by Amy & colleagues and i loved to be a part of lucky few to experience a revolution for men. 

The product will be launching soon in India so i recommend that try it to believe it as this is a best a man can get (Experienced by self). 

You can get more details of its launch on:

For more details on product check: Gillette Fusion Pro Glide Razor