Thursday, June 1, 2017

Tata Tigor - #TigorStyleback - Selfie Contest

Tata Tigor -  #TigorStyleback - Selfie Contest
Tata Tigor - A First Styleback
Tata Tigor is a first Styleback with its classy stylish looks and Interiors which invite you to a luxurious riding experience with the advanced technology to make your ride that good it is a path breaker in the Indian Car Segment and such a path breaker definitely has the style edge so they attract the young & stylish at heart. There is a Selfie contest on their social media handles for those stylish mates! 

For the youth Selfie is a craze and as Godfather Google would say Selfie - ˈsɛlfi/noun, noun: selfie; plural noun: selfies; noun: selfy

  1. a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. (Courtesy: Google)  

So the cool contest involves You..Yes you sitting Reading this right there to Go out and take a Selfie with The Cool Tata Tigor (At select places at select dates!) and post it where you post your selfies. Social media Namely: Facebook ( or Twitter ( or Instagram ( ) using the hashtag #Tigorstyleback tagging the brand. Simple right?

For those for whom the above lines went as bouncer as a Maths Question went to is the simple explanation...
  • Any person who comes to the mall activation of Tata Tigor on the mentioned location and dates is eligible and may choose to participate in this offer. Once the person gives his or her consent they get styled with the goodies available at the activation
  • Participant takes a selfie picture with the Tata Tigor which is available at the mall activation.
  • Participant then shall upload the selfie picture on Facebook ( or Twitter ( or Instagram ( ) and tag the offer in the post as “#TigorStyleback”. The participant must upload the selfie picture between 12.01 a.m. to 23.59 p.m. to facilitate TML to include the same in the contest for that particular day.
  • Participant shall also mention in the above post his/her Name, City, mall name along with the selfie picture & hashtag
  • Through a random selection process in the presence of an Independent Auditor,winners for from all the participants of the contest will be chosen and declared.
  • Schedule from 13th May, 2017 to 4th June, 2017 (only on weekends and mall mentioned above)
  • After the completion of the contest period & post all the above criteria are met the winners of the offer shall be announced on Facebook & Twitter mentioning the name of the Winner and mall for which the participant is the winner.  
So Now you are asking what is in it for you.. Girls & also Guys (BF's, Patidev's who sooo are demanded by their wives including Me :p that take us to shopping from ZARA - The Ultimate fashion store) get the awesome Zara Styling Vouchers (Heaven!!). Never knew a selfie can make me win such a prize. Now knowing kya karna hai you would want to know places where to visit right?
Places & Dates to be at for #TigorStyleBack - Don't miss this in your city or a city nearby!

Simple Process - Isnt It??
So what you waiting for??

And Post the Selfies to win!!

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