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Myxx - Tapas Paradise (Asian Food Festival)

Myxx - An Tapas Paradise

Sometimes all you need is the celebration of Thing called Life....Tapas is the perfect god sent option then.. Tapas the word teleports me to a place somewhere in the city of Barcelona Spain where I am having a relaxing time with Drinks + Food + conversations with friends (A rarity in metropolitan life).. #Goodtimes when you get to have a combination of all the three..A Good Tapas Place in Mumbai..Where? At @myxxjuhu A Tapas place that truly can relax even the most tired soul. Chef Sameer and his crew of happy miscreants took the ship to it's tREASURE Filled destination with firstly an Totally relaxing atmosphere (Nautical influenced interiors) + totally innovative drinks (Molecular gastronomy used creatively) + Awesome Asian food (Yes Tapas place can have Asian food which is almost Nirvanic!!).. The total combination is perfect and its a place to be at when you see people eating drinking talking laughing and having a real #Fiesta at all tables. I was here to try the Asian Food Festival on store here!! Boy i was in for a good surprise

I tried the famed MYXX SIGNATURE COCKTAILS which i had heard about.

Myxx Sour
Smoked Bourbon and Pimm’s, sweet & sour mix, egg white in an aromatic glass.. This tastes good and you would be wanting more of it.
Myxx Sour
Deconstructed sex on the beach blasted with liquid nitrogen. Totally a cool drink..Looks like a Sorbet served with the mint leaves with a punch. Tastes yummy and making process can be seen on Instagram @imbevda.
Sex in The MYXX
Cuban rum and Jamaican coffee liqueur smoked with cigar wood and served to be ‘smoked’..Yes served in a little glass Pipe with Glass Skull holding excess Drink..The Smoked Cuban rum packs a punch with the coffee liqueur taking us to Jamaica!! Video can be seen on Instagram @imbevda . This is the drink i recommend you guys 100%.
Havana Smoke

Pleasure of tea drinking just got higher with triple sec, kahlua, vodka, bubbling in a tea kettle which looks like a science experiment gone all correct with a lovely fusion of Kahlua Vodka and Triple Sec making it perfect smoky best.

Sulaimani Chai

Myxx Mojito garnished with a magic candy floss - This stuff is super cool with candy floss melting into drink to make a yummy drink with a kick...mind you it does have one!
Magic Mojito

PIRATE - Made with vodka; apple, cinnamon & hazelnut, cranberry juice served in a WHITE Skull Glass aint it cool. the Cinnamon can be felt and it gives it a distinctly Carribean touch and Even Captain Jack Sparoow wouldnt say no to this!
Grr Pirate Spotted!!
Pineapple & Cardamom Martini
I Love my drinks shaken not stirred then this will be perfect for all the Ladies in the house with Cardamom, Vodka Green Apple & Lime.

We were served Mocktails too:

Strawberry puree + yoghurt + Litchi perfect for Indian Heat and refreshing for those who dont Drink alcohol. A creamy drink which you would love. I loved the refreshing taste,
Smoothie Berry
Food Served had unique touch to it:
BROCCOLI CAKE as it was called was the first item served to us. It was pan seared broccoli mousse squares with roasted garlic. I never knew brocolli could taste so good & yummy. Flavour was just what I needed.
Broccoli Cake
WOK TOSSED CHICKEN (BAO) an Yummy Wok Tossed chicken which goes perfectly with the drinks. A Steamed Bun with wok tossed chicken an perfect Oriental Appetizer to go with the Alcohol Served. 
Wok Tossed Chicken (BAO)
If I wasn't paying attention to the food i would have thought it is baby Carrots but this took me with a surprise such Innovation by Chef..Totally awesome stuff. Couldnt really think of this as chicken but it tasted really good and Boy we did want more.
Carrot Skin on Braised Chicken (Dimsum)
These Dimsum's are perfect with right amount of Sweet Potato & Edmame, the sauces served make it just yummy. You cant just have one of these.
Steamed Chilean Sea Bass
With lemon, garlic and bird’s eye chillies Extremely creamy and tasty Chilean Sea Bass..Actually liked Steamed Sea Bass more than other variants.

A vegetarian's heaven to taste Sushi Rolls which just makes you gobble them all up. Each one having the unique flavour and these keep on salivating you.
BLACK BEAN CHIMICHANGA  - a unique black bean dish (Not a part of the Asian Menu on Display but nonetheless was super tasty).
Black bean Chimichanga
This are Salted soybeans in pods something that every bar should have perfect snack to go with that drink with friends or just for munching. My mom would love seeing me eat greens :p.
Edmame - Salted Pods of goodness! Mom did you see this!
Cottage Cheese Shanghai
Its made of Chili paste & sweet sauce : This is what a tired Bevda like me needs!

MINCED CHICKEN - Grilled With chilli basil sauce ahh if this not love then dont know what is.. Loved it!

SPICY MALAYSIAN CURRY (CHICKEN) with roasted garlic & chicken Totally yummy gravy with well cooked chicken ..Just ignited my Indian Taste buds!!

JASMINE RICE WITH BURNT 1GARLIC & EGGS - I was so busy gorging on the dishes that i finished them but couldn't take pics :p

KOREAN CHILI, BELL PEPPER & EDAMAME FRIED RICE  - Something I Purposefully didnt post images as i want you readers to GO and Order this as this is really good & you would thank me.. Piece de resistance for the food served so far! (Apart from Desserts!)

DESSERTS: A range of desserts were served which included:
MANGO MOUSSE CAKE Served with Meringue & Strawberries around it. A yummy sinful mousse that a single bite doesn't help you. Creamy and yummy stuff that you would order on such a night for that decadence!

It was second dessert served. It was a Three layer chocolate ganache cake for those chocolate lovers who just cant miss this one. Yummy to the hilt and something you wouldn't want to share.. I didn't want to share!
Another variant of the good stuff!!

And now the Special CHEF’ S TABLE DESSERT
Basically Deconstructed tiramisu mousse served on a Silica Mat, with edible flowers and whole lot of good stuff..And Liquid nitrogen...Seems like fun.. Yes it was. Go check the making on Instagram @imbevda  Taste of the creation is fantastic and you would just love the entire attention to detail and the fun that goes in making it a visual and foodie treat indeed.
Before Making the Dessert
Final Creation - Now dont kill me for tempting you!
Now after taking our breaths away with Live Chef's Table (While i was left licking my dessert spoon) i was left breathless with the evening i had. There was no loud music nor too much alcohol but comfortable setting with discussion over food and super artistic beverages, food (Tasty one!) served with lot of passion. This is what Tapas Bar in Indian Setting can be! Kudos team and Chef for the lovely meal and experience you gave us! I will be back here for sure with family & friends.

You can go here:
Navaratan Apartment, Ground Floor, A.B.Nair Road, Near Juhu Post Office, Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
Time: 12 to 1.30 (Cops wont allow sadly after that).
Check it out:

 For More go there and really have a good time.. As they Say in Spanish Salud!

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