Thursday, December 11, 2014

Wanna Bring a Difference try this #FeedaChild Initiative!!

Food is a mundane thing for those who have it for those who don't its an survival gift!!
Money = Food is what is in reality. What would you eat if you dont have food and no food = no survival.

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Stark reality of Modern Indian villages & tribal areas. People aren't able to eat themselves how will their kids eat. Reason for most drop outs at schools there. SURVIVAL. What if we could eliminate the same. For a family food is important. If their kids get confirmed meals at schools then who wouldnt want their kids to go there.
Any Hunger is bad..But one in class i even worse. Imagine yourself hungry you wont be able to be at your best & kids wont be able to manage. In school if a child is hungry he wont concentrate & wont be able to learn. So a Plan for meals need to be implemented.
I am to believe that for kids to stay healthy they need to have a stable diet. Stable diet includes all proteins, carbohydrates, fats & fibres in their meal.
A Plan which includes:
Small Snack
Small Snack is needed.

A small snack can include a carbohydrate item which can rev up energy for the children.
A lunch would include a small thali with roti sabji & vegatables that can provide tge necessary nutrients.
A small snack again is needed as kids need lot of energy to go by the day as they are growing & energetic.
A snack if properly planned and ensured that it is implemented properly by a dietician can work wonders if managed well.
The meal to be properly implemented it needs to be executed. For this it should be outsourced to an agency which does not have any other interests like an NGO.
NGO can properly execute it unlike other sources which may cut the quality for budgetary & financial reasons.

If kids are given food on time & quality of it is maintained they would be not only healthy but also energetic. Meals would be ensuring kids COME to school in first place. It would help the folks which cannot afford meals & more reasons for getting their kids educated.

India completely educated would be when all kids at all levels are educated as in 2 decades they would be the prominent workforce. Children everywhere even in most tribal areas too would get a chance to get a start in life which they need. India needs to grow. For India to shine its children need to be educated & be healthy!!
This was something new... For me.. Coming to be a newbie blogger & understanding the nuances of words making a difference.. A real one that too. If this is what it takes to make a child smile then i would rather write 1000 words for it!

I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


  1. Really true, Nikhil. Nicely expressed.
    May no child be hungry.
    Great that you submitted this Blog post to help feed a child!
    Best wishes :)

  2. Great ..I am happy you wrote for this cause :)

  3. A very thoughtful post Nikhil...good to know that you support such a cause...