Monday, December 29, 2014

Benefits of Being Well Groomed #WillYouShave

Grooming is very important in modern day world unless you are...

Even then the world may not look at you in the same way... you may express something you may not want to portray. Being well groomed has its own benefits. It can make or break you!
You are your greatest asset. Put your time, effort and money into training, grooming and encouraging your greatest asset." - Tom Hopkins
 I had an experience which literally was an experience worth sharing here:
As service personnel grooming is the key for us all. I noted it in my college days when I worked part time. Since it was service job I had to be well groomed and well shaved. While working at Weddings this helped a lot, I was mostly preferred for opening champagne bottle for Groom & bride. The best groomed person was always preferred for this!!
This was fun, but in the aftermath I got offers for Job by many business men at their restaurants & start ups. This showed me the importance of grooming goes a long away apart from hardwork.
Offers for job ranged from Service employees to managers. Also I got more part time opportunities for days when there was no work. So it was a win-win situation for me!!
Benefits of being well groomed then also meant I got extra attention from the female guests who called me again and again just to take pictures with me and yes numbers were slipped in my jacket pockets (Drinks may be a reason for this). This was a surprise for me. With never expecting this kind of BENEFITS of Shaved looks.
Getting such positive attention just because of being well shaved was never known to me. Grooming especially well shaved look helped me a lot then. Got me temp. job offers which I needed the most and also some fun at work with pretty women.
Now the Question is #WillYouShave?
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  1. In my opinion...a stubble look gives a man an altogether different kind of "pull factor". At times, like for a business meet I would say clean shaven look may be preferred but otherwise I would prefer my guy to use his razor less frequent.