Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Music Experience of a lifetime..Sunburn Goa - 2013!!

Sunburn Goa...I had heard about this festival few years back..Having not heard about EDM i had no idea what it was..College & Office Schedule never allowed me to go for it.
But this year it was completely different..Having hearing EDM for few years..& Going to Sunburn Mumbai (Avicii Event) i was really looking forward to this Event.
And God answers your Maan ki Murad by Giving you leaves from office along with free passes for the event....Heaven
More fun even when social networking offers ur close friends free passes..
So here we were a week before the event all hyped to go for the event...Booking tickes through IRCTC site was a miracle...I guess all signs wanted us to go...WL to mila...
Four of us..Including 2 friends...board a packed train to Goa..WL never confirms..We are joined by group who plans to party right from Mumbai by Drinking hard..Its all fun...
We reach Goa after a comfortable sleep..We decide to keep the trip cost friendly...So we stay at Acquaintances crowded Goa during Christmas week...
Heading up to the event we were all pumped up..Expecting the best..As always HeroMotocorps decide to make us run 1km from the venue for our wristbands..its cool..cos we have good beer on the its all good...
Entry at venue 4.30 (Day 1): Its all so exciting the ambience, the music, the 7 stages & d crowd which at first is less...which allows us to try the adventure activities like zorbing...bull riding etc...But when the music starts at d Dance temple...Its all dance..Woah never felt so excited & in trance....
After the event day 1 its like Mumbai...I guess vagator was never ready for the event...Traffic for 2 hrs..We walk for a Km...
Before deciding to Hitch hike...To the nearest Beach baga!! Had food & Beer at shack & returned back...
Next day same schedule but our pre party was much harder..Fish curry rice with loads of booze..All of us are High...Enter the event & Dance till we could no more!! Post party Was even better met some school friends whom we couldnt meet in Mumbai due to time differences...Partied late with them...

Last day: Big Players are we are there early..Adventure tried Bunjee Jumping..& then its all dance..The music even made the non followers of EDM groove to the music..
Nearly 1.5 lakh ppl grooved to it..Super fun..
Heading off for post party was never so much fun..Shack at Calangute looked less its was all fun...Again EDm music played its was again Dance till morning 4am...
This Trip was a Tripping & full of fun, Adventure for us friends..for those who hadnt experienced d Magic of Sunburn...Magic of EDM/Trance/Electronic music..An Adventure of All senses..Music + d Visual Effects + d High you get (booze + Music)...Perfect Ending for our year end!!

This was a super time i spent At Sunburn Goa 2013...


  1. Looks like an awesome trip & event, Nikhil!
    Nicely expressed!
    Keep Blogging :)

    1. Aww thank you di :) You have been my inspiration :)

  2. It seems that you go to some place within yourself where words live.
    Keep it up! Cheers :)

    1. Ahh the magical words of magical artist herself..Your songs would suit EDM a lot...Thanks ... :)

  3. Lucky u to experience this :)