Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Palden Norbu - Zen like Experience

Palden Norbu - The Rooftop Experience

The most classiest lounge on Borivali to be launched last to last weekend has Tibetan name which originates from the entire experience at Eskay resorts of Zen like presence.. Located on the other side of link road facing the sea it does offer one Zen like calmness. A rooftop lounge that too in Borivali yes you heard it right..now Borivali folks don't have to venture till Malad or further down town to a drinking place which is of super calibre as they have one in their own neighborhood. one of the first lounges (only) of this stature in Borivali is located on what I would term as Resto strip in Borivali (Link road from Busy Don Bosco signal to IC colony one has a lot of new fancy restaurants, drinking holes coming in). As the target clientele of around Borivali is mostly Gujarati & Jain's the food served here is Vegetarian (Yes a drinking place with veg food..but then when the theme is Zen like presence then the place ought to be without meat).
Pyramid at Eskay Resorts
The place has 360° degree view of the Borivali skyrise and link on one end and Eskay resort's calmness to other and the sea to the third. Located at the really swanky E-Hotel in Eskay resort premises (Not a lot is known of the hotel since it's just a year old..it has 5 restaurants overall in its property..Fab for Borivali..Now one wouldn't have to travel up till Malad Goregaon to stay in the fancy hotels.) 
Show of Flairing and Daredevilry shown!!
Its located on the top of the property with a huge bar on one end, seating in the areas surrounding it, Dj console to the other. A fountain in midst of the lounge offers that Zen like calmness one needs after an hectic day while having a drink or two. Although Zomato is bit slow (Yes it still shows Yet too open to public..Sadly folks at Zomato don't really care to check on a place).
The Fountains Add a Calmness to the Lounge!
The place just serves finger food (Veg) to go with the drinks but its enough for the ambience which is perfect for the place.
Cheesy Paratha - a unique creation

Cheesy Parathas: Wheat flatbreads with cheese and chutney to go with it. This was something different for me at a lounge.
Dum Aloo Starter
Dum Aloo: Baby Potatoes spiced with Masala's and served with Stir fried veggies (A basic potato dish with a Chinese twist).

Concoction created at the Bar!
Crispy Paneer: Deep fried paneer tossed with tangy, sweet sauces and assorted veggies.

Paneer in White Sauce
Paneer with White Sauce was a crowd favourite with its creamy and nutty flavour. It went well with the drinks served.

Bar of the Lounge - Fantastic Place!
Cosmopolitan : - A Refreshing drink to start the evening. Just made perfectly with cranberry juice and orange flavoured vodka.

 A Range of Refreshing drinks are on the menu. And with the spacious arrangement one wouldn't feel its too crowded.
Fifty Shades of Grey
 Fifty shades of Grey: It is a vodka based drink with cream (Icecream is used with Pomogranates) and something you wouldn't take a liking too.
Pineapple Cucumber Drink
Pineapple Cucumber Drink: A Vodka based drink with pineapple and cucumber juice which may be a hit or miss.
Smoke Infused Rum
Smoke Infused Rum: A Drink which Rum fans would definitely like with smoke infused in it. Something really good. The place had used a part of its place as a dance floor (We had wild time then) i am sure patrons will love it too, more for that check Facebook (*Hides*).

The Drink Menu is elaborate and i had a very little sample of the things to be served on regular basis. Considering the place has just opened it had a offer for Beer untill you go to washroom (Innovative Offer for those who love their beer!) and the Drinks menu will be a hit among locals as it offers a wide range of concoctions and drinks.

I had visited the place on the opening Night with #FBAISoiree #LetsDrinkFbai arranged by Food Bloggers Association of India and the E-Hotel. The place excudes a warmth which you get when you have friends with you and definitely will hit the cord with Borivali people who have been EAGERLY waiting for a classy lounge with ambience like this. I would love to see the reaction as the area is very very close to me personally. And it finally gets the Lounge for locals to chill out.

You can visit this location:
Palden Norbu - The Rooftop Lounge
E-Hotel Inside Eskay Resorts, Off Link Road, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400091
Phone no: 022 6155 7000
Time: 5 pm to 1 am

Location: https://www.google.co.in/maps/place/Palden+Norbu+-+The+Rooftop+Lounge/@19.2404309,72.8392591,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x715146335c98ccfc!8m2!3d19.2404309!4d72.8392591

Zomato: https://www.zomato.com/mumbai/palden-norbu-borivali-west (Still shows Opening soon..Have complained like thrice to give up :p)

Website (E-hotel): http://pmt.techencephalon.com/services/the-palden-norbu/ 

More pics of the fun night (Wild Night) here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10155346693008722&id=558743721


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